Demon's Souls Remake Lore Explained

Whether you’re just diving into Demon’s Souls for the first time, or you’re revisiting the cult classic via the PS5 remake, one thing remains true: the Kingdom of Boletaria has a rich history that you need to know.

Demon’s Souls is full of deep lore and interesting stories: it’s the tale of a mighty kingdom brought to its knees. Only you, the Slayer of Demons, can save Boletaria from the many beasts that now roam the land. This latest episode of Lorescape goes into detail about the history of the kingdom and what led to this new demon-infested state.

If you’re unsure about diving in to the notoriously difficult game yourself, you can check out GameSpot’s full Demon’s Souls review. And if you need some help surviving, we have a list of handy beginner’s tips too.

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